The Anime That Changed My Life

In today’s world we often find ourselves busy fighting the hardships of life, whether that is coming from work, school, or just by living.

During the times that I was living through the hardest moments of my life I found a certain anime that looked boring and might as well call it a joke from its posters. However, for some reason on a certain day I came to a conclusion with myself that maybe I should try this boring anime that people have been suggesting to me for quite some time now, one episode won’t hurt right?

Ah yes one episode did hurt as it became an entire 13-episode binge watch throughout the night. It was a masterpiece, a show that was built for you to forget about everything, forget about the real world and just fully immerse yourself in their world.

You laugh when they laugh, you cry when they cry, you get anxious as hardships come by and feel relieved once the challenges are over. Yes, as it might be obvious to most people this is a Slice-Of-Life show and it is no other than Barakamon, a renowned show for showing what it means to be in a slice of life genre.

Barakamon is a show that portrays the life of Handa Seishuu, a man who is striving to find his true identity and style. However after certain circumstances that led him to beating an old man who is known to be quite famous in the calligraphy world, he found himself running away from the busy days and nights of Tokyo and to a secluded island for a period of silence and reflection.

With such a simple story to tell, Barakamon delivers a show that is light hearted, comedical, and downright enjoyable to watch. PRIME TV POSTER

But wait how did this so called Barakamon actually changed my life? Well I’d first start off by saying that I was also who Handa was before he came to the island. I was desperate to succeed, I wanted everything and doubted any criticism made to me. I labeled them as jelousy rather than actual feedback, because of this I found myself hitting a wall. I couldn’t climb the wall, I don’t know who to reach out for as I have shunned everyone out already. At the same time I found myself in the bottom of the ocean, I found Handa-kun who is almost the same as me. We both are trying our best to succeed yet here we are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

What Barakamon taught me however is the ability to simply think of nothing or rather think like a child. Barakamon has showed that in so many ways that Adults can definitely learn alot from kids. Their naive way of thinking to positive outlooks despite complex problems can actually be what adults need in their life. A need in my life, a simple change in perspective has showed me that success isn’t all that matters in life but the journey of going there as well, the laughter that you share with people, the tears of having to go through tough times.

Barakamon has in one or more ways changed me for the better, it’s a show thats we in our lives has been finding for, it gives you a breathe of fresh air, a show that you call heartwarming.

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